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Celebrating Interfaith Marriages

Celebrating Interfaith Marriages

Celebrating Interfaith Marriages by Rabbi Devon Lerner, is a handbook for interfaith couples, primarily Christian/Jewish and Jewish/unaffiliated couples, who wish to create a wedding ceremony that honors both of their families and their traditions. It includes several sample ceremonies, a menu of options for each element of the service, and helpful information about the content of Christian and Jewish wedding customs, and advice about how to manage the expectations of friends and family. 

This handbook is easy to use and contains everything you need to create a personalized service that everyone can enjoy.

Rabbi Lerner was ordained in 1979 at the Hebrew Union College-Institute of Religion. She officiated at her first interfaith wedding in that same year and continues to work with and advocate for the full inclusion of interfaith couples and families into the Reform Jewish community.

Interfaith Study

In 2016 Root of Reform Judaism sponsored a survey titled The Effect of Hebrew on Worship Satisfaction & Congregational Membership


Two key findings: 1) Both members of congregations and prospective members said they are more likely to attend services and become engaged in the congregation if the worship services include more English and less Hebrew; and 2) Interfaith families indicated they are more likely to join a congregation when they feel unconditionally welcomed, when worship services are language accessible, and when the congregation’s policies support the full participation of interfaith families in the life of the congregation

Various religious symbols grouped together
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18Doors and Roots of Reform Judaism are kindred spirits in our advocacy for warmly welcoming, educating, and assisting interfaith families who are exploring Judaism and/or looking for a congregation that can become their new spiritual home.

We wholeheartedly recommend 18Doors as a unique, rich source of information, programming, and guidance for interfaith families looking for a non-judgmental place to explore, connect with other interfaith families, and participate in programming that speaks directly to interfaith family questions and concerns.

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