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Candles, wine glass, and challah
RRJ Booklets

RRJ Booklet Project

Rooted deeply in foundational Reform Jewish principles and practice, this series features ready-made worship services (Shabbat, High Holy Days, and Shiva) as well as collections of readings, blessings, and prayers for mourning, observing Shabbat, coping with trauma, and more. Bring them into your community as alternative worship experiences or take advantage of our special co-branding opportunity and provide your members with accessible Jewish ritual resources. 

The Union Prayer Book, Sinai Edition, Revised II, eBook - with embedded music

The Union Prayer Book: Sinai Edition, Revised  II is a contemporary language, gender-neutral liturgy for Reform congregations that embrace the historic worship traditions of the Reform Movement. This edition preserves the beautiful language of  the liturgy in previous editions of the Union Prayer Book while incorporating recent developments in Jewish liturgy, with a heightened awareness of inclusive language, and a recognition of the spiritual challenges of transforming events in modern Jewish history. The eBook  also includes  beautiful color photos of sanctuaries in a few of our most storied Reform congregations.


The Union Prayer Book, eBook edition  is available in Apple Books, Google Play, and Kindle stores.  The cost is $6.99.  Apple Books and Google Play formats include the embedded music.  The Kindle version includes the text and photos, but not the embedded music.

This prayer book is ready to use for virtual services.  You may screen share the eBook on Zoom and similar services.  It is a copyright violation, however, to create and distribute PDFs from this digital publication.

Union Prayer Book
The New Union Hagaddah

The New Union Hagaddah

This award-winning revision of “the little grey book” used by generations of American Reform Jews.  It has been acclaimed for the blending of the traditional prayers, readings, and songs with the distinctive original Art Deco design and new, contemporary artwork created especially for this edition.

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