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Roots of Reform Judaism Booklet Project

RRJ Booklet Covers

In these challenging and uncertain times, when our Temples and Synagogues are canceling in-person worship services, you can still celebrate the Sabbath and festivals at home or virtually with the Roots of Reform Judaism Booklet Project.

As Roots of Reform Judaism forges its pathway into a second decade, one of the areas of focus is to offer resources that are accessible and approachable for a wide constituency. Considering audiences of the unserved or underserved among us, we are developing resources that speak to the disenfranchised, the unaffiliated, cultural Jews, and interfaith families seeking to find user friendly ways to celebrate observances and festivals at home with family and friends. In the language of our time, primarily in English, with Hebrew and transliteration for key prayers, we hope these will offer a way for many to find their way into (or back to) the beauty of our heritage.

The initial 6 booklets are available now, with two more currently in production:

  • A Time to Rest - Sabbath Prayers and Rituals for the Home

  • A Time to Mourn – Prayers and Home Service for Mourners

  • A Time to Reflect – A Shabbat Evening Service for Today

  • A Time to Share - Home Observances, Festivals, Blessings and Readings

  • A Time to Rejoice – an abbreviated Rosh Hashanah Service

  • A Time to Forgive – an abbreviated Yom Kippur Service

The booklets are being used for individual reflection; lay-led, in-home, and congregational services; congregational member resources; chavurot (self-led communities); hospitals and hospice communities; and senior living communities.


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